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Nomaddic Crew, 

We are at a loss of words at the overwhelming support you, our people, gave the SS21 & FW21 capsules. 

To say the least, it has fueled our fire. 

We have been roaming lands far and wide in search of the highest quality materials to bring you. Journeying to different countries, establishing relations with providers, and fostering meaningful relationships with vendors.

From Sukumo leather to Egyptian patchwork, our SS22/FW22 will be our most unique & highest quality release to date. The countless hours put into our unparalleled production will be ever-apparent in what’s to come. 

The limitless ideas, critical feedback, and supportive suggestions have been essential in Nomaddic continuing to be a brand you choose to support. We’re honored to be a part of your journey.

We’ll see you when the sakura are in bloom. 

— 無限にさまよう// Wander til’ infinity